Tandem skydiving is our most recommended introduction to the realm of skydiving in Memphis. Your opening experience with tandem sky diving in Memphis is designed to calibrate your mental faculties to the mental rush involved. Memphis Skydiving likes to make sure that you can walk before you are able to fly. After an efficiently brief training seminar, you will have all the fundamental details you need to get for your experience with tandem sky diving in Memphis. You see, with tandem skydiving in Memphis, only the minimum effort from yourself is needed because a USPA certified tandem master is fastened to you the entire time. It's easy, uncomplicated, and to be repetitive, easy.


When your turn arrives, load into the plane and get ready for launch! Ascend to altitudes as high as 14,000 feet, take a deep breath or two, and prepare to see the sky as you have never seen it. The door opens, skydivers file out towards the exit. 1, 2, 3 ... GO! Take a walk on the ol' buttermilk skies, float around the heavens, and keep your eyes open to soak up the perspective. With approximately One Minute of freefall, your head will definitely do all it can to keep up with the roar of the wind, weightlessness of pure flight, and views beyond imagining. Your Memphis Skydiving network tandem master might even give you the option to pull the ripcord. As soon as the cord is pulled out of its socket, the terminal velocity gives way to modern technology in some of the best and most innovative parachutes available.

Slowly glide down the atmosphere as you take in a sight from a different perspective than you've likely ever encountered. If you want to get your skydiving certification to dive a lot more often and cheaper but don't believe you're prepared for the big time solo flight, let the Memphis Skydiving network take you through the tandem skydiving process of certification as detailed below.

Tandem Skydiving

Take the security of a tandem jump while still moving toward your A-license with the USPA (United States Parachute Association). Created for individuals excited about the sport but still trying to acclimate to the pressure of using the risers to properly drop to the landing area, the tandem progression advances more slowly through the mandated curriculum. We're here to aid you into one of the most fantastic sports in the world. Get to discover what it feels like to freefall, check your altimeter until it displays nearly 5,000 feet, and have the impulse to do something more striking each jump. As safety is taken extremely seriously at any location we make available, rest assured that all aircraft, rigging, AAD (automatic activation device) and various other FAA provided measures are monitored thoroughly. In just about every situation, there is a backup in place to ensure you don't have to worry about a thing.



This level of tandem skydiving is crafted to expose you to the arch body posture, freefall turns, elevation awareness, main parachute deployment, and canopy control. The advantage to the Memphis Skydiving tandem progression approach is that you have an instructor with you through the whole freefall and parachute flight. During the canopy (parachute) section of your skydive, the instructor will provide you with a functional knowledge of canopy techniques as you perform the maneuvers.


Expounding upon what was explained in the beginning step, the second level of the progression concentrates upon stability during freefall and more exacting turns. Well before you expand your parachute, you must absolutely wave off. Other skydivers, irrespective of level, will discern to get out of the way pronto to sidestep getting tangled in your parachute and strings. Amateurs have to pull at a higher altitude in comparison to more seasoned jumpers for safety, so you'll open the chute at around five thousand feet. Indicate that you're taking the training to heart as you and the instructor will coordinate working with the risers to flare before a smooth landing. Practice makes perfect, and PLF (Parachute Landing Fall) lessons will enable you to minimize what could end up being a harsher landing. You'll review any video footage and details of your jump straight after landing, so the training sinks in prior to the next level. Assuming you've been paying attention and executing well, you're headed to level three.


Throughout stage 3 of tandem skydiving at one of our locations near Memphis, you will be introduced to advanced heading maintenance, controlled 360 degree freefall turns, forward movement while in freefall, and continued canopy release. Promptly after this level and following the 6 hour ground school, one of the instruction teams will help you start the accelerated freefall (AFF) skydiving school plan at level 4. At this point in time, most students are acclimated to the thinner air and essential level of focus that accompanies falling from such high elevations. Motions and technique are more convenient to develop now. Rather than become bogged down by the flurry of sensations, your body and mind are aware of them without giving in to the adrenaline. You're on your way to becoming a professional skydiver!

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