By virtue of a massive volume of time and effort, we have simply duplicated some of the most typical and helpful questions that our clients ask. In the next enchanting act, we address all of them! In the case that you have a new query, a more specific one, or want to clarify something over the phone, call 1-800-314-4067. We've listened to them all, so don't hesitate to get a skydiver on the phone.


  • All your agitations are put into perspective during an essentially unthinkable vision of the planet. Everything is laid-back; it's a far more meaningful way of observing the Earth, and the breeze props you up as it passes your suit and harness.
  • Skydiving mesmerizes your head to the peacefulness and freedom of the experience; it guides you from the fears, bothers and discouragements of everyday life.
  • Nothing is quite so impracticable as it was the period before, and your mind pops to the reality you will need to exist.
  • Many of the most fascinating people on earth are those that skydive. Become the type of person you really want to be, in the most enjoyable way possible.


You need to be 18 years of age to skydive in almost all states, and it's actually even 19 in Alabama. We're sorry, but relative authorization isn't sufficient to book a skydiving experience near Memphis. As far as we understand, the most seasoned individual known to skydive was 103 when they took the jump; each person must possess a base amount of physical capabilities, but there isn't a limit to how old they can be.


A tandem skydiving journey near Memphis will take roughly 3 hours, but you should plan on having to spend about half a day at your Memphis area skydiving location. For the first level of the Memphis Skydiving school network qualification program, aim to devote the whole day at the skydiving center. Any student starting off in a Memphis Skydiving School network area course will need to take part in an approximately 6 hour class in the facility for education and step-by-step training. For a tandem, the student needs minimal training. Notable variations in instruction time make the experience last longer for AFF students.


They might be incorporated with your tandem skydive, or images could be included with your purchase of a video. It just is dependent on the Memphis Skydiving area network location you pick. Very nearly any location has the equipment and personnel to provide a DVD, and several offer still pictures in addition.


Yes! The hangar and facilities are usually perfect for picture opportunities. Taking photos for the jump is left with the jump masters, but take pics of them from the ground prior, amid, and immediately after their skydive. Many of the most fun pictures are of students putting on their jumpsuit. Plan the event to get pics which will keep storyline moments of their jump.


Folks usually attempt to relate new events to those they have gone through before, and oftentimes this makes some sense. Does it feel like an elevator? Maybe a rollercoaster? Skydiving is far too distinctive for anyone to compare it. Your gut won't wrench, and the expected sense of falling isn't there. If anything, freefall is about as close to 'sheer adrenaline' as we can get. With a surprising turn of events, the parachute flight is more often smooth sailing with a trace of splendour as you take in the sights.


Quickly shifting course, you'll travel back upward for the moment soon after your parachute launches. In order, the main chute is always led by the initial chute. Whenever gravity takes over once again, the following step will be a slow and steady descent to the landing zone. The tandem instructor will delay their landing up until the landing zone is completely clear before taking you down for landing in a sitting pose.

In case I forget to open up my parachute, is there a reserve?

First and number one, this is an exceptionally rare scenario. However, all's well that ends well in skydiving and your canopy releasing will most certainly end well. Reserve parachutes are supplied in every rig and are packed by the best FAA licensed riggers. Every single rig is routinely inspected and maintained to meet or exceed USPA requirements for safety. If low altitude is achieved with no indication of your primary parachute release, your reserve will immediately release. Your Automatic Activation Device responds instantaneously to permit your smooth descent.

How much time does it take?

The length of your flight time and jump time differs day to day From the amount of wind to when you pull your parachute, there are a some variables that can change the extent of your skydiving in Memphis experience. Two predominate elements of your time will be the major focus in your experience. The most amazing part of your skydiving in Memphis experience is the free fall, and this is followed by the tranquil and scenic glide to the landing zone. Your freefall will likely last roughly 60 seconds, and the parachute journey is close to 5-7 minutes long.

Is the landing harsh?

In the interest of your security, our skydiving veterans use only the best landing techniques to ensure a safer touchdown at the landing zone. Ask any long time skydiver, and they will tell you stories of the rough landings from when they started. However, highly developed gear and new procedures have changed landing and made it easy, close to stepping down from a short table.

Will I be scared?

Probably. You may get a little uneasy before the flight. Nevertheless, stress not, skydiving is an electrifying experience. No nervous emotions outweigh the thrill you will feel in freefall and your emotions of worry will soon be overlooked.

What to take with me? What to dress in?

What to bring? What to wear? You may opt to bring a recording device or cellular phone along with you to the dropzone to get a few pics before your dive, sun block, sunglasses and/or a hat. These items may be entrusted to someone you bring with you on the ground in the course of your skydive or stowed away. Pants are always recommended due to the sit down and slide landing. However, you can wear long shorts as well and a t-shirt. Comfort should be your primary concern when picking an outfit, but those with shoes that slip on will not be permitted to skydive, so please bring athletic shoes. Skydiving calls for some general equipment and accessories that will be provided to you just before your jump. Last but not least, bring your friends! Bring your relatives! Bring your neighbors! Bring everyone to witness you on your skydive thousands of feet in the air!

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