A meticulously fine-tuned video of your skydive is the perfect method to remember your fascinating journey. Your Memphis Skydiving video will state the adventure of your 1st jump from beginning to end. Their full skydive is styled to provide a special interpretation of the initial journey, at the same time involving music to help translate the tempo and experience of your skydive. The video of your 5-7 minute skydive will be burned onto a DVD for you and your family to watch in your home. Relying on your Memphis Skydiving vendor of choice, you might be complemented with still pictures of your Memphis skydive experience.

Should I call in in advance

The more warning you provide, the more likely we will be able to reserve the perfect time for your Memphis skydive. A lot goes into our scheduling procedure. We need to have appropriate time to appropriately and successfully arrange needed staff and gear to meet your venturesome wishes.

Can I bring my personal digital camera with me?

Bringing your video camera is always an option. Getting pictures throughout training or getting geared up in advance could be a great way to detail the adventure, but taking photos during the skydive isn't feasible given you will be substantially busied throughout the skydive. It might be lost or damaged, and we find it's far better to entrust all the video recording and digital photography up to the Memphis Skydiving network professional videographers. After all, whilst traveling at 120 mph at 2 miles above the Earth, you will have sufficient misdirections!

Can I have my friends take video or photos?

Absolutely! Depending upon the quality of their camera equipment, they will have the ability to take pictures of you flying down to ground underneath the canopy as well as your rapid, but soft, landing. Perhaps even photos of you once you land to try at capturing the sensation you experienced to have properly finished your first skydive.

Is it conceivable for my videographer to get additional people in my skydive video?

Regretfully, the time/distance void in between exits stops a cameraman from having the chance to film more than one student each dive. The velocity a skydiver takes on develops significantly after initial freefall. Shutting the distance between a skydiver who jumps out before you is practically impracticable. Consequently, a videographer will not be able to capture a subsequent skydiver in the video. Theoretically, even if a 2nd person made it within the photo, they would be making an appearance as a speck of dust as far as aesthetic interpretations go. Not to mention your video ought to be concentrated on you to elevate it to a more personal level. The personal connection is what makes your Memphis skydive into an appreciated memory. Remember every single minute in brilliant quality with a video of your own. Call 1-800-314-4067 today!

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