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  • All your trepidations are put into context during an essentially unbelievable view of the planet. Everything is serene; it's a much more meaningful way of watching the Earth, and the strong wind props you up as it passes your suit and harness.
  • Skydiving spellbinds your mind to the contentment and liberty of the experience; it guides you away from the concerns, bothers and inconveniences of everyday life.
  • Nothing is quite so out of the question as it was the period before, and your mind snaps to the reality you hope to exist.
  • Many of the most intriguing people on earth are those that skydive. Come to be the sort of person you really want to be, in the most rewarding way possible.


You need to be 18 years old to skydive in almost all states, and it's actually even 19 in Alabama. We're sorry, but parent authorization isn't adequate to reserve a skydiving adventure near Memphis. As far as we understand, the oldest person known to skydive was 103 when they took the leap; even though each person has to be physically qualified, there is no upper age limit.


It can take about three hours to complete your skydiving experience from start to finish, but you ought to plan on spending about half a day at your Memphis area skydiving location. For the very first stage of the Memphis Skydiving school network certification program, the supplemental instruction involved will take the remainder of the day. Any individual starting in a Memphis Skydiving School network area course will have to participate in an approximately 6 hour class in the office for academic and procedural training. There's practically no education for a tandem student, due to the fact that the tandem master should undertake all the work. Notable variations in training time make the experience last longer for AFF students.


They may be also included with your tandem skydive, or images may be provided with your purchase of a DVD. It just is dependent on the Memphis Skydiving area network location you choose. Very nearly any location has the equipment and personnel to provide a DVD, and some offer still pictures in addition.


Yes! There are many different means to document your journeys at Memphis Skydiving network centers. Photography for the skydive is left with the jump masters, but take pictures of them from the ground before, amid, and immediately after their skydive. Many of the most fun pictures are of students putting on their jumpsuit. Alongside a little creativeness, bringing a camera can preserve some exceptional memories.


People usually aim to relate new happenings to those they have experienced before, and in most cases this makes some sense. Does it feel like an elevator? Maybe a rollercoaster? Skydiving is too different for someone to equate it. Your stomach shouldn't wrench, and the expected sense of swiftly descending isn't there. If anything, freefall is about as near to 'complete adrenaline' as we can get. With a shocking turn of events, the parachute flight is regularly smooth sailing with a bit of grandeur as you take in the sights.


Every tandem master has practiced expanding the parachute far more times than they can recall. After he or she confirms the course is clear, signalling to the other divers surrounding him is performed prior to releasing the parachute for safety reasons. The pilot chute first comes out, and it’s small construction steadily picks up ample wind to pull out the primary out of your rig.120 miles per hour wind flow will enlarge the section of the canopy to slow you down to a steady speed. It ends up being a far more relaxing ride at this point. The instructor will already have knowledge of the wind direction and velocity, that will determine exactly how fast and in what pattern you need to descend before dropping to the landing zone.

In case I forget to open my parachute, is there a reserve?

Here's what takes place if this occurs. Staying calm is the most crucial response. Every single rig is packed with a reserve parachute just in case the main is not deployed. Your safety is our top concern. Each rig is examined, maintained and packed by a FAA licensed chute rigger. Each pack is equipped with an AAD (automatic activation device) to respond when the primary chute is not released. As a safety measure, the AAD acts as an altitude scanner to respond instantly if you reach low altitude without the primary chute open. Once triggered, you can return to landing.

How much time does it take?

The length of your flight time and also jump time differs day to day Multiple factoring conditions contribute to the overall experience time, such as weather related delays and the time it requires for the previous jumper to exit. Two predominate elements of your time will be the major emphasis in your adventure. The exit/freefall and the coast/landing. Your freefall will last just about 60 seconds, and the parachute ride is around 5-7 minutes long.

While landing, is it harsh?

No way. Memphis Skydiving is confident that all the mandated operations are more than adequate to practically assure the well being and safety of each customer. Throughout the initial years of skydiving, landing was much more challenging. The redesigned "ram-air" rigs of today support landings that seem analogous to getting down from a platform 1-2' above ground.

Am I going to get worried?

Quite possibly. You might feel butterflies fluttering around in your stomach ...this is very typical. Regardless of what you feel in anticipation, you'll love your skydiving experience in the Memphis area. Once airborne, you will be too overwhelmed with enjoyment to notice any remaining uncomfortable feelings. Rest assured, you'll be smiling all the way.

Should I put on certain apparel and possibly bring something?

Should I put on certain apparel and possibly bring something? All skydiving centers are different. Nevertheless, some basic things you might choose to take with you are a digital camera or cellular phone, sun block, sun glasses, or binoculars. These types of items will most likely need to be left on the ground while you perform your skydive (they will fall out, trust us). Glasses or contacts should be fine to wear as the site will supply you with goggles to go over either one. Please wear sturdy pants or long shorts and a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Slip on shoes are not permitted. You will be provided all the basic skydiving essentials on location. Lastly, bring your friends! Bring your family! Bring your next-door neighbors! Bring everybody to see you on your skydive thousands of feet in the air!

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