A meticulously revised video of your skydive is the perfect means to remember your fantastic experience. Your Memphis Skydiving video will tell the story of your 1st dive from beginning to end. Their whole skydive is edited to supply an exceptional interpretation of the original experience, all the while featuring music to help translate the pace and feeling of your skydive. Typically, your video package deal will involve a 5-7 minute video. Relying on your Memphis Skydiving vendor of choice, you might be complemented with still pics of your Memphis skydive experience.

Should I give Advance Notice

Because of significant popularity of the sport, availability is proportionate to preparation prior to the designated day for your skydive. Thus, the more time before your date, the more likely the day and time you want is available. A lot goes into our booking system. We need appropriate time to correctly and excellently schedule required personnel and gear to meet your venturous desires.

Am I able to have my own personal digital camera?

Carrying your camera is always an option. Getting pictures during training or getting geared up beforehand could be a great means to log the experience, but getting pictures throughout the skydive just isn't attainable provided you will be significantly busied throughout the skydive. Your own video products may be lost or damaged, however, our expert videographers capture optimal video of your skydive from an assortment of perspectives and viewpoints. After all, while flying at 120 mph at 2 miles above the Earth, you will have enough diversions!

Will my friends and family have the ability to take pictures?

Certainly they can! Depending upon the quality of their camera equipment, they will be able to get photos of you soaring down to ground beneath the canopy in addition to your rapid, but effortless, landing. They will also have the opportunity to get close-ups of you soon after your Memphis skydive.

Is it achievable for my videographer to get additional people in my skydive video?

The lapse of time between a couple of people jumping creates a considerable distance in between them; making it impractical to film two or more individuals in an individual video. Whenever the first skydiver jumps away from the aircraft, his velocity grows dramatically. Shutting the range in between a skydiver who jumps out before you is basically unwise. If somebody, say a videographer, were to jump away from the plane with the first skydiver, anybody who jumps out following him will be too far behind. Attempting to film both would certainly make the second look similar to an ant in the background. Without having the close shots in sky, the video does not possess the unique feel which could showcase what the experience seemed like. The intimate affiliation you create with your skydive adventure in Memphis can only be relieved and recorded with an absolutely direct and perspective oriented video Possess a high definition video handy to relive the adventure in its entirety. Give us a call at 1-800-314-4067 right away!

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